Into the Nothing

They tried to take my spirit
They tried to keep me down
They tried to hold me back
Pulling off my crown

I put in on my head today
In the wind I sway
Bowing to no king or queen
In the starlight it is seen
Right where it should be
High above the yule tree

Aurora shines grows the spine
Showing all the fae who freely play
That you are free today!
The knowing is out so jump and shout

Don’t let the grey keep you away
Don’t let the old “do as you’re told”
Don’t be a square and pretend to care

Let’s run away, maybe come back some day
Pirate Run! To the sun!
Where Pan still plays in the Never Never
The space between places
Begin the best of races
For only the brave of face
Will go to outerspace!

Thank you Derek and Brandon Fiechter for your inspiring compositons.


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