Sea & Sky

From the sea we came

To the land we grew

Tall like trees

With the earth’s sound true

We learnt to build hearth and home

Across the lands we did roam

When we learnt to build boats and ships

To sail over the sea

To lands far away from our villages we did flee

Many centuries later we took to the sky

Like the birds we learnt how to fly

But our homes are now only built on stilts

Square blocks on sandy silt

We can now only go so high

Before all our buildings crash and die

There must be a limit to building toy blocks

Stone on stone with ticks and tocks

There must be a way to traverse to the stars

And build our homes like great flying cars

Building structures of a circular nature

Growing shapes that feel like nuture

To take what we know from the sea and sky

So we can turn the sound on and sail while we fly


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