Quantum Spectrum

The colours of emotion are more than blue and red

Coming in shades and tones and not just from the head

They rise up from the body with all you consume

To grow new roots and a colourful feathery plume

As the breath spirals and sings up and down

From below the toes and beyond the crown

It is an analogue experience of shade and tone

Not just binary of those together or alone

For colour is more than the light and dark

As the light can be black or on with a quark

So what are we to do with a computer who is a spectrum

With a new kind of emotional electrum

Built of qubits, not ones and zeros

What will the binary do when gone are all the heroes

For quantum allows the possibility of more than x and y

And can do more than make a spiced apple pie

For what happens when x and y are one in the same

It seams to be a new kind of game

To fold space and time in rhythm and rhyme

As mother counts and father sings in tune and time

For what we imagine is what will be

So breath before you imagine what you see

For the time of illusion is at hand

As there are no more turns of time’s sand

Soon the light will be on AND off

As the moods of infinity rise from a cough

Truth has always been aligned with perspective

And never been only an elective

So how will you search when all is true

What will you find from deep in the blue

Through to shades of purple and violet light

That seem as black as the darkest night

How will you know where you are

When the computer only tells you what is near and far

Giving you whatever it is you wish

No one to control or question what’s on your tisch

You will be free to do whatever you please

With great difficulty or with ease

Or will you miss that security

Of some holding your hand in piety

The quantum computer will be an open road

And it is only for those who are centered and bold


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