From STEM to Flower

Notice how their voices drop

When their guts go hiss and pop

Or how they shriek and shrill

When their voices spill

Do you see how they over bend

When you take your time and voice lend

Can you feel how they try to twist your will

And make you all the beans to spill

When their voice goes down to the ground

Trying to change your feelings with their sound

Or lift their voices high to the sky

Piercing your ears with tones that lie

To break your will from on high or below

And mess around with nature’s flow

There is a way to neutralise their tone

All the way into their bone

Keep your feet firm on the ground

As you would with a puppy hound

Who tries to test your limits well

But to them you can open heart tell

Feel your heart beat under your feet

Seek that feeling where earth and you meet

Never give in to their conniving games

Of playing with feelings and calling names

Just bide your time and sing your own song

It can go on and on and on


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