Emotional logic

Emotions are the curves

The bends in the road

While logic tries to straighten all the lines

From seeds sown to grass mowed

Burying all the feelings into a black box

That grows in time with ticks and tocks

While the jury is out counting the facts

Straightening all the twists and turns

Into neat rows and tracks

Placing all feelings into a row

So only silver bells and cockle shells grow

It would be nice if justice was clear

Instead it is more like an ice block

Cold, murky and severe

For the those who rule

While others duel

Control all feelings

In platonic solid dealings

Measuring, ruling, hammering and splitting

Squaring, cubing, slicing and dicing

No matter how you cut it

Feelings are always there

So it is best to take care

Recognise their place

For they are the waves in the space

Between all that is known

To make sense of the unknown

And to deny them is irrational

Not to mention irresponsible

For to err is to traverse a unique way

In both night and day


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