Helen’s Lost Home

First came Helen with a iron will

Battling odds against the silent and still

Then her one and only Eda

Who was beaten by a corrida

Had two daughters, pit against each other

By jealousy and envy spread by one and other

Then Inca the youngest with sorrow in her heart

Fought with all her might so each morning would start

She bore three stars fit for royalty

But her heart was shattered from disloyalty

The oldest star was violet, cold, distant and far

The second carried an angry open scar

The youngest would parley, jump and spar

But none would return home

To a place once known

For that home is gone into the void

And has once and for all been destroyed

Though new roots would settle in old lands and new

Hearts would grow steady in the bone and sinew

To once again build the world out of fear and death

With the wish of life’s true breath.


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