Old Gods, New

From the North he comes
An odd tune he hums
The lost, tired and weary call him Santa
Oddly, his name rhymes with an orange drink called Fanta
Gripping and clawing he rises out from the Earth
Like a gleeful goat full of mirth
Dressed up in a felt coat of red and white
So the cowardly fearful don’t run in fright
Coca Cola may have painted him kind and jolly
But that is all commercial marketing folly
So don’t be fooled by this rosy cheeked man
Holding a soft drink in a shiny can
He will rot your gut and test your strength
Never stop, he will go to great length
He is Pan, the Devil, the Horned one still
Ready at any time to run off with your will

When Spring is in, love is in the air
The sun comes out and so does the hare
Then from the south the birds are winging
And in the trees with chirping and singing
All of this does seem rather fine
Crack open a bottle of sweet honey wine
The Easter Bunny will soon come along
Singing her very annoying long song
She will hop, skip and jump all day
And never stop if she gets her way
She takes delight in cool spring eves
Where sense is lost in hormonal leaves
She revels in a world spinning like mad
As the beasts of the earth are in some sex crazed fad
She thumps the ground and cleans out her ear
To stamp out the last of last winter’s fear
Life and love is what she knows best
But the consequences next year will be the final test

 Now from the south where Summer’s fire burns
Over the seas the sky spiral turns
The Sandman calls upon those who weep
Stealing dreams in their sleep
For ne’er do they want to go to bed
On a soft pillow to rest their head
They are the owls, the wolves and the cats
Who play in the night along with the bats
But the Sandman will visit the ones upside down
Who wear a mask just like a happy-sad clown
He is Death, the Grim Reaper, yes it’s true
While being very punctual and right on cue
He is not your friend, nor is he your foe
He guards the sands of time and goes with the flow
Each time you wake with sand in your eyes
Know that some of your precious time dies

The fourth of the spirits will give you a damp chill
Deep into your bones when you stand still
Listen to her song, true is her voice
But always remember it is your choice
For the hum of Autumn will give you a clue
Of all the magical things she can do
For many a tree now shed their leaves
As her water breaks, she moans and heaves
You will need to learn to let things go
So you may one day, like a tree, tall grow
But if you hold fast onto to your past
Your bones will be brittle and not long last
She is the truth, the song and time’s test
Just before winter and the long rest
She is the Toothfairy collecting your teeth
To make a necklass or a bone wreath
She knows who you are by what you eat
From the top of your head down to your feet
And when she comes to sing your song
Pray to the stars that nothing goes wrong.


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