Life Tree

Once there was a boy called Adam
Who thought all the luck he ‘ad em
And bullied women north and south
With nasty words from his mouth
Then when Lilith simply said “No.”
He cried to his father, “What a blow!”
“Dad she does not do what I say!”
“Can’t you bend her my way?”
He moaned and cried all night long
Singing a very pathetic song
Until his dad who he calls “God”
Found this troubling and rather odd
“Ok my Son, I’ll call on Angels three
To bring her back in chains to thee”
But to the Angels Lilith said:
“Never with Adam shall I lie in bed
He is a coward, not really a man
I’m off to find another clan”
The Angels left her with a curse:
“After abandoning Adam for worse
100 of your children shall die
And everyday you will cry”
And so she said in turn:
“I will haunt Adam’s brood to burn
For they will sear in my fire
Climbing them so much higher
If they come from Adam’s mud
They will crave demon’s blood
But if they find a way to fly my way
When life no longer feels like play
Wishing to rise above his ‘nice guy’ moans
While searching for hidden tones
They will be free to break the ice
If they call my true name thrice!”
So off the three left in a hurry
To tell the tale over hot curry
Neither did go down too well
They all felt a gassy belly swell
And Adam was still not satisfied
“I have not yet laid with woman!” he cried
So just to shut his boy up
God made drink from a cup
And from Adam’s right rib
Grew a woman in a crib
Soft and round and plump was she
With no will to say “No” to he
At the beginning she was soft and nice
But then came the steep high price
She would want him day and night
Making Adam cringe in fright
Eve was never ever satisfied
Demanding more of Adam’s hide
After a while he ran out of steam
To give her more of his life stream
So Adam got more than he asked
For Lilith it was to be a blast
She went to meet this “Eve” you see
Slithered like a snake up a tree
Picking out 100 apples for tea and pie
Because anyway they would die
Then picked one more to plant the seeds
In a garden of too many weeds
She sung and cried over all her children
Like the rain falling from heaven
Then brewed a pot of sweet spiced apple tea
Eve came along like a honeybee
They had a chat and ate some pie
Oh how she did see Eve high fly
Eve did not know how this could be
“After all the things Adam and God told me.”
The ladies enjoyed their little chat
And in the end, that was that.
So still today Adam cries
Telling God all kinds of lies
While Eve and Lilith have a spot of tea
Under the great big Life Tree.

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