Yellow Dragon

The Yellow Dragon is of the Earth
And like the Sun she knows her worth
When feeling brave and well
Her colour is golden and her chest does swell
But when envy and greed do find their way
Her colour fades to a yellow grey

She keeps her diamonds in a tower
Guards them well by the hour
The pearl lies deep in the sea
Where mermaids swim wild and free
The key of her heart is a magical note
Carried by one who can row a flying boat

This dragon is not easy to please
So have courage and strong knees
Her eyes are keen on the waves
Looking out for deep dark caves
It is the treasure she does seek
While hunting down the cowardly meek

When you are quickly falling
The Yellow Dragon will come calling
Flying out from the Otherside
With a toothy grin, broad and wide!
She will fire out rooted tones
Shake you up to your bones

Putting your world on its head
You’ll wonder if you’re alive or dead
Then she will dig out your soul
Leaving a deep cavernous hole
And breathe out a rope of fire
For you to climb this golden wire


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