Bones do dance

can you feel it in your toes
all the way up your nose
breathing the dance within
an electric charge does begin
like a fire burning bright
oh day, what a light!

all the way into the bones
with magical sounding tones
the strings pull on the heart
then the drums do start
the rhythm is strong and mighty
now feeling kind of flighty

almost ready to prance and spin

but when will the dance finally begin?
not yet dear grace
know the precise place
for the dance to start
with the beat of the heart

feel the ground below
were it once did cold snow
with a tingling like falling ice
and a steady hand roll of the dice
the sun on your face
now find your place!

get ready to spin
then you’ll win

now this you know very well
let’s once again cast the spell
round and round you do go
like a merry go round you know
round and round and round you go

this was inspired by…

Paddy Ryan’s Dream

Angelina Carberry, The Brown Coffin and Paddy Lynn’s Delight Hornpipe and Reel


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