Twisted and True

I saw the picture clearly
Till your words came out bleary
Twisting up my world
In to something sick and dreary
My world is of harmony and balance
But you come like an ogre caught in a trance
Ruining the flow of the dance

In the house are all the monsters
Filling up with mobsters
I know what is coming
And it is near and calling
The wind from the south
Blows hard and unrelating
And the messages are frightening
But I must stay true
To the path in this old shoe

When the walls are falling
My Guardian comes calling
And the Archer’s arrow is sound
When the monsters are around
In the mean time I prepare
I shall not be caught unaware
They will know me by name
And their will I shall tame

And we shall walk hand in hand
Across this new land.


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