off or on
0 or 1
black or white
hold on tight

then white is all the colours
and so is black
what the hell, that is crack

how can I find all the colours?
When the whole world is grey.
I cannot turn the world off
Nor find the light, pray

I want to find the colours
To know I’m all right
where is the diamond?
To shatter the light
into the rainbow bright

Then the lights go out
only darkness about
and out of nowhere
oh beware

the movie begins
where no-one wins

an electro static picture sound
fills the darkness all around

a gentle buzzing in the air
of space’s way to say it’s there

Wondering why?
With the head held high
Floating in cloud
Thinking aloud

The heart beats true
In the light of blue
Hands safe and sound
Feeling fire around
the way is clear
to the iron core
then spinning show begins once more

round and round the world does spin
mind connections do begin
turning chaos into sense
when past, present, future tense
collide in fractal geometry
like forests of trees free

In the blackness colours reign
And blind you are in the sun shine again

So black is white and white is black
And all the colours split and crack
In the shattered mirror of broken luck
With pieces spread as the hammer struck

So now I’m lost and mixed all over
Standing on the Cliffs of Dover
With all the pieces in the weather
Can I put them back together?

Find the last grain of sand
From the hourglass not land
From a life that did not end
But from death it did mend
In there lies the key
And the right frequency

Place this grain in a stone like shell
With the flesh of surest will
In the centre grow a pearl
To sail the seas which swirl and whirl
Of electro charged spatial plane
And never home return again


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