Don’t call me girl
Don’t call me sweety
Don’t say I’m pretty
And don’t try to be witty

I won’t fall for your tricks
Or pick up your sticks
Except to chase you down
And run you out of town

I am a lone wolf
Who walks her own path
Don’t dare try to follow
You’ll end up empty and hollow

So don’t call me lady or wife
You’ll only see the end of my knife
Don’t call me sister or daughter
Like swine you’ll go to slaughter

Folding together the stories of fate
Never more shall I prince wait
This story I fold has not yet been told
As this spirit breathes free only one day to be

I won’t carry a sword like Joan
Nor be Elisabeth upon a throne
My choice of weapon is silence
And the magik spells of science

To wait out those under siege
With guts as weak as their knees
In a silence so deadly
They will beg for a medley
As the darkness fills their souls

With a great show of light
This beast of song takes flight
Only one direction in mind
As the blind lead the blind


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