Look Up

Sky SongDraco

The lyrebird sings while the bard pulls her strings
The eagle and swan come calling
The dragon breathes its fiery breath
Upon those who are falling

While the bard doth strum
The warrior plays the drum
And Pan blows his pipes
While the apple quickly ripes

MachineThe machine looses hold
As the parts are worn old
All the tales have now been told
Souls can no longer be bought or sold

The monsterous giants have fallenAstronomical Clock
The pirate ship sets sail
As the waters have risen
By the song of the whale

Tick Tock

The words never reach
This place of reality
As feelings each
Become causality

Mouth is a desert
Stomach a rock
The soul does hurt
While ticks the clock


Of a life of silence
Tongue tide and chained
It makes no sense
Why it has not rained

Under tears of pressure
Expression deceased
Lies buried treasure
10 paces north-east

Heart Powe


When waters rise
The feelings return
Hearing the cries
Of those who burn
Deep in their hearts
Of such a longing
With the whole of their parts
Once again belonging


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