Where is Lucy?


The beat of the drums begun
As gold does flow and run
Diamonds in the back
Crown dome loud crack

Rhythm remains true
Honey runs fast and blue
Flow will quickly return
As fiery turn the urn.

Spiky Bridge - Swansea, Tasmania


One side is red, the other blue
Across the sea, is yellow too
Build bridges of purple, green and orange
Like connecting the dots with a rainbow lozenge
Then the sun will come out in the rain
For all to shine like diamonds again

Flyrainbow sky

As you walk the bridge
Beyond the ridge
Beneath the heavenly sea
Where the birds be

Way up high
Diamonds in the sky
Fall like kisses
Of long lost misses

Out comes the sun
Our only one
From behind the grey
To show the way
Lucy in the sky with diamonds
As the fire falls
On diamond halls
The eye sees light
In a spectral kite

The diamond lace
Is now in place
To swing so high
And there we fly


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