Dark words

Dark matters

Root of all Evil

Reach into the place beyond
Where only nothing lies
Touch the edge of existence
Where borders cease
And the grid will crease

There the flock of nine crows
Seven is the blackbirds
Five vulture the dead
Three hawk the living
And one mothers the chaos

Here only blackthorns grow
Leafless and bare
And only the wolf can know
To find her there
Nona sits in the dark
Calling the key from the ark

She will show space in time
Where lost souls long to rhyme
Beyond the obscure to the unknown
The esoteric, vague and dim
Enshrouding the light in a bleak moan

For the other side of hope
Is lacking.
And nothing is ever enough
In the nothing.


step inside the space

Dark Space

Step inside the space

To find the place
On the otherside
Where demons hide
The darkness roams
and sound combs
Here the waves
Hide in caves
Here is the nothing, the unknown and obscure
And only the brave it will lure.





Webbed thoughts

From the Shadow

She comes with her spiders
From far away
She brings her riders
To lead you astray

Know your heart
Watch your thoughts
Like a movie to start
With ones and noughts


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